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Good lubricants protect and safe costs

Pneumatic tools needs oil which protects good against corrosion and can absorb moisture very well. In addition, pneumatic oils should be able to attach very well and wear of ailuchthamerr tools should be kept to the minimum.

Bardahl Pneumatic Oils have an exceptionally high protecting oil film that the metal surface continuously protects against friction, wear and heavy shock loads. The stickiness of these oils also ensure that there is less leakage and this provides a significant cost savings.
A specific application is the lubrication of air hammers. Bardahl therefor developped Meisselpasta. This paste protects up to 1100°C, ensures maximum protection against wear and also prevents this paste the seizing of the chisel.


More information?
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Lubricants for pneumatic systems: 

Bardahl Threadlock T442

This threadlock is suitable for sealing and securing thread ends of pipes in both pneumatic and hydraulic systems. This product can be used on parts that need to be secured semi-permanently with fine to medium thread R ¾”.


Read more about Threadlock T442 (ref 97301)

Bardahl Freeze Spray

Bardahl Freeze Spray is a rapidly evaporating propellant mixture for reducing surface temperatures. It will freeze small parts in seconds to -45°C, excellent for shrink-fitting bushings, pins, shafts and for electronic trouble shooting.


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Bardahl Meisselpaste

Bardahl Meisselpaste is made of biodegradable synthetic base oil designed for air-pressure hydraulic hammers and air hammers.
This paste protects up to 1100°C, ensures optimum protection against wear and also paste it prevents seizing of the chisel.

Bardahl Meisselpaste has the following properties:
• Optimum lubricating and releasing effect in the high pressure range
• Excellent adhesive power
• Excellent water and corrosion resistant
• Excellent protection against corrosion gases and liquids
• Excellent heat transfer
• Prevents seizing of the chisel
• Reduces wear by 25%
• Biodegradable oil base
• Free of sulfur, lead and nickel
• Ideal replacement for lead and nickel pastes
• Suitable for weights up to 6000kg hammer

Bardahl Meisselpaste should be used for buses to wear in air and hydraulic hammers brands such as Krupp, Indeco, Rammer, Montabert.


Read more about Meisselpaste Ref 74700

Bardahl Pneumatic Oil /Air Tool Lube

Bardahl Pneumatic Oils are special blends of highly refined base oils with extreme pressure additives and special additives to entrance adhesion, anti-rust and an emulsifier to absorb moisture. The oil is designed for the lubrication of air – operated tools such as jack-hammers, pavement breakers, air-compressors, etc.

Bardahl Pneumatic Oils may be used in industrial machine shop applications including gear sets and can be used in both plain and anti-friction bearings. The oxidation stability, the extreme pressure characteristics and the high film strength makes this product a super “shock load” lubricant.


Read more about Pneumatic Oil Ref 75600


Bardahl Super Spray (penetrating oil)

Super Spray is a universal penetrating oil, which can be used as:
• penetrating oil / lubricant,
• moisture remover.
• anti-corrosion spray,
• parts cleaner,
• protector
Bardahl Super Spray is a penetrating lubricant designed to clean, penetrate, and lubricate all types of metal surfaces. This aerosol spray contains Bardahl’s famous polar attraction formula to reduce friction and provide lasting lubrication.

The problem
All metal surfaces are exposed at one time or another to corrosion and contamination by water, dirt, grime and the like. This corrosion and contaminants hinder free movement, lead to excessive wear or complete seizure. The foreign matter also sticks to regular lubricants forming sludge which prevents good lubrication. In addition, some surfaces have hard-to-reach electrical contacts. Moisture and corrosion on these contacts mean either erratic operation or complete failure.
The action
Bardahl Super Spray contains solvents, a penetrant, Bardahl’s “polar attraction” formula, an anti-oxidant, and a high grade oil for superior lubrication. The solvents wash away dirt and sludge upon application, allowing Super Spray’s other ingredients to reach the metal surfaces. The penetrant has low surface tension that lets it flow into tight places and carries the other ingredients with it. The anti-oxidant works chemically to prevent oxidation, the cause of rust and corrosion. Bardahl’s polar attraction formula of extreme pressure agents bond to the metal providing a full time high strength molecular film to reduce further wear. Further friction protection is enhanced by the high grade oil.

After cleaning and penetrating the combination of Bardahl Super Spray’s active ingredients displace moisture so that electrical contacts operate normally.

Read more about Super Spray Ref 68204