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Extend the life time of your bearings

The lifespan of your bearings depends on a number of important factors. Of course, the basis is a good bearing, the quality of the steel which is used. Maintenance bearings - Bardahl

However, once in use, it is important to maintain the machine parts, such as bearings, correctly. A grease with the right properties for your bearings in your machine with your application is of great importance. Are they exposed to high pressures, high temperatures, shock loading or should the grease be highly water-resistant?
By choosing the right grease you increase the reliability and thus employability of your expensive bearings. Bardahl provides a range of greases for various types of bearings and just as many applications.


Use of Bardahl lubricants means: 


More information?
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Lubricants for bearings: 

Bardahl BIO Synthetic Grease (biodegradable grease)

Bardahl Bio Synthetic Grease has got an outstanding sealing capacity and a very good resistance to water action, combined with a high adherence on the mechanism to lubricate.
Bardahl Bio Synthetic Grease must be used whenever the lubricant is an important contaminating factor and wherever uncontrolled lubricant losses may pass to the soil or to water.
Thanks to its biodegradable properties it has got better performances and higher efficiency in further water treatments, being physic-chemical biological ones.
The eventual contamination of soils, cultures, forests, water, will have a lower effect, due the high biodegrading velocity, moreover when compared tot the conventional greases.
The main benefits of the Bardahl Bio Synthetic Grease are:
• Anticorrosive capacity
• Outstanding water resistance
• High adherence
• Biodegradability

• Forest machinery
• Public works machinery
• Nautical mechanisms
• Various mechanisms of the water treatment plants
• Water pumping installations
• Mechanisms in contact with water
• Protector of car bodies


Read more about BIO Synthetic Grease Ref 59300


Bardahl Industrial Lithium Grease 00 and 2/3 (universal grease)

Bardahl Industrial Lithium Grease is a high quality, multi-purpose, lithium based grease recommended for general industrial and automotive applications. It is designed for application requiring a superior friction and wear reducing grease lubricant in temperature ranges from -20°C to +150°C. This grease is ideal for most construction, industrial, farm and automotive uses and is available in NLGI grades #00 and #2. Bardahl Industrial Lithium Grease “00” can be used in centralized systems.


The problem
A modern machinery runs under high stress which overloads grease lubricants. Inadequate lubrication, under these conditions, can increase heat, friction, and wear leading to higher maintenance costs and power consumption. These high loads can also break down the hydrodynamic grease film which separates metal surfaces, leaving these surfaces without lubrication. In many industrial and construction environments moist or corrosive conditions exist. These conditions can lead to bearing failures when grease lubricants are not designed to protect against rust.

The action
Bardahl Industrial Lithium Grease is a blend of lithium soap, high grade mineral oil and special extreme pressure additives (12-hydroxy stearate). This combination provides a superior full film grease lubricant. Additionally, the additives form a molecular film that clings to metal surfaces lubricating when the hydrodynamic grease film is broken. The extreme pressure agents work to protect metal surfaces against rust and corrosion.

Bardahl Lithium Multipurpose EP Grease is successfully used for the lubrication of very heavy tax working agriculture machines, cranes, excavators, freight carriages and private cars as well as most of industrial the applications.


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Bardahl Premium Complex Grease (heavy duty/ high temperatures)

Bardahl Premium Complex Grease has been specially formulated with a complex thickener, high quality refined mineral oils, to obtain grease with optimum behavior. It provides a very stable and adherent lubricating film onto the metallic surface. Avoids metal contact, even in limit lubrication conditions, i.c. with medium loads and high temperatures. Its different additives and its high quality oil will ensure a continuous protection to contact metallic surfaces, and avoid to early breakage due to fatigue, micro cracks and scratches.

Bardahl Premium Complex Grease is adhesive and has a very high affinity to metal. It allows to maintain the optimum lubrication level of the mechanisms and metallic parts in contact. It avoids the losses caused by grease leakage, and consequently it reduces the lubricant consumption.

This grease is a high melting point, water-resistant grease formulated to be used as a wheel bearing grease for all cars and trucks equipped with disc brakes. The excellent extreme pressure properties, rust and corrosion protection, high temperature stability and water washout resistance also makes this grease suitable for many other high temperature applications.

Thanks the complex soap we obtain an outstanding behavior to mechanical work and minimum oil loss values. Its high drop point makes it possible to operate at high temperatures without loosing the physical chemical characteristics.

Bardahl Premium Complex Grease is used in mechanism and bearings subject to medium loads, operating at medium and low speed in a wide range of temperatures.


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Bardahl Special Purpose No Melt Grease (high temperature grease)

Bardahl Special Purpose No Melt Grease is designed for lubrication of machine parts for use between -20°C and 250°C and occasionally, to 340°C. It has also proved to be superior grease for centralized systems due to its low pressure bleed and good water wash out qualities. Conventional greases soften in extreme heat, such as that caused by high-speed equipment, high temperature environments, or prolonged service at above average temperatures. These conditions need a special high-heat resistant grease.
The problem
Chains, conveyors, and sleeve bearings in ovens are subjected to constant operating temperatures in excess of 200°C. At such sustained high temperatures ordinary soap based greases run off metal surfaces, allowing increased wear and friction. Separation of oil and thickener under pressure will give increased wear to lubricated parts and can cause expensive machinery repairs.

The action
Bardahl Special Purpose No Melt Grease uses a non-soap clay thickener which forms an extremely stable grease that has no measurable dropping point. At temperatures where other greases run off metal surfaces, this product withstands high temperature environments of high speed equipment or prolonged service at above average temperatures. This grease has a typical working temperature-range of -18°C to over 250°C. It is immune to temperature changes at all ranges, highly adhesive to metal, water resistant and protects against wear and friction.
As a general rule grease with different thickening agents should not be mixed. Bardahl Special Purpose No Melt Grease should not be mixed with non-Bentone greases. Such mixing will lead to an immediate separation of oil and thickener. When first applying Special Purpose in centralized systems, make sure the equipment has been flushed of previous grease.


Read more about Special Purpose No Melt Grease Ref 74200