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DPF Cleaner: the solution at contaminated diesel particulate filters

The problem

To reduce emissions and comply with international environmental standards, the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) has been developed to remove soot from the exhaust gas of diesel engines. Soot is caused by the incomplete combustion of diesel fuel. A diesel particle filter problem arises when ash and dirt accumulate in the filter, and eventually clog the pores. The “blockage” will eventually lead to a strong increase in NOx emissions and fuel consumption will increase. Regular maintenance of the particulate filter is necessary to prevent problems as described above. Diesel engines with a DPF are equipped with an automatic regeneration function which consists of the injection of more fuel in the engine, in order to achieve a higher combustion temperature and so destroy the build-up of particles. But this can also result in the problem that unburned fuel is mixed with engine oil in the lower part of the engine with possible damage as a result. Moreover, such regeneration is not always possible because many cars are used in the city and drive a lot in traffic jams. As a result, the necessary temperature, wherein the particles are burned, is not reach.

The solution

Therefore Bardahl has developed a DPF Cleaner suitable for each type of engine equipped with a particulate filter.

Bardahl DPF Cleaner:

• Reduces the combustion temperature to destroy soot: soot normally is burned at temperatures above 600°C. But by the time they are in the filter, the temperature has already dropped to 300-350°C. This leads to accumulation of unburnt particles on the filter. With Bardahl Diesel Particulate Cleaner, the temperature is decreased to let the particles burn. As a result, the accumulated deposits from the filter are removed.

• Stops blockages due to the accumulation of soot.

• Prevents damage to the specific components which make the combustion of harmful particles possible

• Prevents an increase in fuel consumption, loss of performance and replacement of expensive parts due to clogging of the particulate filter.

• Burns and destroys soot in the particulate filter.

• Extends the life time and the proper functioning of the particulate filter.

• It works on the principle of catalytic chemistry; improve / accelerate the process (burning particles) without a negative impact on the process (e.g., changes in the emission)

• Completely compatible with elastomers applied in automotive industry.


Instructions for use

To solve particle filter problems you do not need to disassemble! Pour the contents of the can into the fuel tank (30-60 liters of diesel) and after 20 minutes the result is already noticeable.


Go to the extended product information of the DPF Cleaner

 What if your diesel particle filter is clogged?

An engine which is in the emergency mode and which cannot speed up we cannot clean it with just an additive. Therefor Bardahl has developed Professional DPF Cleaning Kit.

Also note: the particle cleaner does not have to be dismantled. Ths DPF Cleaning Kit is suitable for every type of engine equipped with a particulate filter.

 This DPF Cleaning kit consists of three steps.

1. Firstly, the particulate filter should be cleaned by using the product FAP 1. The product is added via the supplied vial that is connected to the supply line of the differential pressure sensor.

2. Thereafter, the system must be flushed with the product FAP 2, through the same pipe.

3. Finally, the additive FAP3 should be added to the fuel.


See the DPF Cleaning demo step by step


Important advantage is that Bardahl delivers the set including an additive for the fuel tank, for correct aftercare. After cleaning, at standstill, the entire system is still actively treated by using the additive from the fuel tank. In addition, the entire cleaning process takes place without disassembly. This saves the customer time and money. At least; this cleaning procedure is very durable. With Bardahl Professional DPF Cleaning Kit precious parts are not replaced, existing components will be used for a longer period. Ref 91683


Go to the extended product information of the Professional DPF Cleaning Kit.


More information?

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