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Diesel antifreeze – flow improver

Bardahl-DieselAntifreeze beschermd tot -33C Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze is a multifunctional diesel fuel additive designed to modify wax crystals to enable the fuel, to reach the desired cold filter plugging point specifications.

This diesel additive special ash less polymers dissolved in petroleum derived solvent. It treats automotive diesel and industrial gas oil. It also prevents fuel system corrosion, reduces injector deposits built up, picks up small amounts of water in diesel fuel tanks, helps to reduce exhaust-smoke and aid in maximizing fuel economy.

The action

Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze contains a wax crystal modifier, which has proven its performance in diesel fuels worldwide. Tests have shown that this diesel additive will significantly modify flow characteristics of diesel fuel at low temperatures. The Antifreeze was tested under field conditions to see if it could prevent filter and fuel line blockage when added to diesel fuels. Failure in these tests was defined as clogging of fuel lines or filters with wax crystals so as to prevent normal engine operation. Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze lowers the flow point of diesel fuels, allowing engine operation a fuel storage when temperatures remain below freezing for extended periods. Use of Diesel Antifreeze will help prevent fuel from solidifying in fuel lines, tanks, and filters. This action helps to eliminate costly thawing producers and engine damage due to fuel starvation.

Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze contains a detergent system, which will emulsify small amounts of water helping to prevent fuel line and filter blockage with ice crystals. It contains no alcohols, which can damage diesel fuel system injector pumps and seals, as well as reduce diesel fuel cetane. The detergent system in Diesel Antifreeze coats rust-sensitive metal parts helping prevent corrosion.

The results of ASTM D-665 rust tests in fuels with and without Diesel Antifreeze, demonstrate its ability to help prevent corrosion. The detergent system in Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze acts to clean and maintain the cleanliness of injectors and other critical fuel system parts. In field tests, trucks using fuel with Antifreeze detergents maintained injector cleanliness at high levels and reduced smoke as compared to similar trucks run with the same fuel but without Diesel Antifreeze. Field-tests and customer reports indicate fuel savings from 1.5% to 6.0% with use of Diesel Antifreeze as well as substantially reduced smoke. Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze contains an ash less hydrocarbon compound, which helps lubricate sensitive diesel fuel pumps.

Directions for use

Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze is a concentrated version. Designed to treat most fuels at a ratio of 1 liter Antifreeze per 1000 litre fuel or a ratio of 1 litre per 500 litre of fuel. The most efficient treatment ratio for a particular fuel may vary, depending upon crude source and wax content.

For best: result mix Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze thoroughly with diesel fuel. Where high sulphur fuel mare in use, a combination of Antifreeze and Oil Booster will allow maximum engine performance while preventing significant bearing corrosion. For bulk stored fuel it is necessary to ensure thorough mixing of the additive in the fuel. When adding to a vehicle fuel tank it is recommended that the additive is pored into a partially filled tank (i.e. approximately quarter full). The fuel tank should then be filled with fuel. Let the engine run for a few minutes to flush fuel lines and filter assembly.


The additive must be added when the fuel is at least 5°C above its cloud point.

 When do you need Diesel Antifreeze?

Wax is a high energy, high cetane component in diesel fuel, which can crystallize out at low temperatures causing filters to clog restricting or preventing fuel low. Small amounts of water in fuel can crystallize (form ice) at temperatures below 0°C (32°F) and can block fuel lines and filters. This same water will corrode pumps, injectors and other fuel system parts. Deposit formation can clog injectors, pumps and filters and will increase exhaust smoke and fuel consumption.  With Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze you can prevent these problems.

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