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Using Bardahl Lubricants = lower costs

Bardahl has a complete line of lubricants to function under the most difficult circumstances. One of the most important tasks of a lubricant is to ensure that the course areas of machine components are protected against wear and to prevent a much to high friction. On lubrication-area the name Bardahl is a synonym for enormous experience, for modern techniques, progressive scientific research, and the very best quality.

Bardahl lubricants contribute to keep control on your costs. When limiting machine maintenance, lower energy costs and lower stock costs are important for you, Bardahl can be your helping partner. Using Bardahl lubricants for your machinery means:

1 Less machine maintenance and standing still

Lubrication with Bardahl products between moving parts actually means: less friction. That reduced friction is the result of Bardahl’s unique ‘Polar Attraction Formula‘. The result for you: less wear which results in a saving on components, a longer life span of the machines, restriction of production loss and lower cost of assembly and repairing.


2 More and longer usable

Less machine maintenance means that machines stand still for a shorter time. This results in more and longer operation of the machinery. You can exploit thereby the production resources and/or tools better then ever before.


3 Longer intervals

The practice proves that, when you use Bardahl lubricants, there is no need to lubricate that often. This results in restriction of the use of lubricants, less standing still of machinery, less man hours, less detritus. Moreover is the use of less lubricants also much better for our environment. And using Bardahl lubricants means of course then: lower total costs.


4 Less energy consumption

Using Bardahl lubricants, with Bardahl’s ‘Polar Attraction Formula’, will use less energy. By using less energy you not only help the environment. Your energy costs will reduce, because of the lower energy account.
Tests and practical use, carried out all over the world, have shown with no doubt the positive influence of Bardahl in this area.


5 Less products on stock

Bardahl lubricants know a wide scope. That means in practice that you need mostly less several lubricants on stock. The advantages speak for itself: lower stock costs and space saving.


6 The environment and safety

Wherever possible, we use the most safe raw materials for people and nature. Correct and clear labelling contribute to a safe use for everyone. Bardahl anticipates thereby on the European standards concerning the formulation and the labelling of its,


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