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Additives: to prevent and solve problems

Bardahl has become famous by it’s extended product line of oil additives and fuel additives. It al started in 1939. History was made on the racetrack with Bardahl’s famous Oil Boosters B1 and of course by Miss Bardahl in powerboat races.


‘Bardahl proved that the additives did matter!’


In these days the fuel we buy at gas stations are provided with a package of additives and of course better then in for example 1950. And also in motor oils which you buy there are oil additives added to improve oil quality, for less friction, fuel saving, maximum protection, optimum use of the DPF etc in order to obtain the spec. 10W40 A3/B4 or LSP 5W30 A3/B4/C3.

Several additives are added extra to the fuel you buy and ‘new’ fuels were born. For example Shell V-power, BP Ultimate, Total Excellium etc. Additives in the fuels (petrol and diesel) are added to achieve a lower fuel consumption, better performances, a cleaner combustion etc.

In general we can dived additives in 4 categories:

Oil additives

Petrol additives

Diesel additives

Cooling system additives


What is the function of additives?

Oil additives, fuel additives and radiator additives all have actual one common aim: they are added with the aim to improve the properties of a fluid such as oil, petrol or diesel etc.


Problems that occur

In practice we see that the oil additives and fuel additives standard in fuel and oil not always are sufficient and can lead to several problems. Below you can read some attentive, in itself no particular, practical situations where the engines of the cars are heavy loaded and engine problems may occur.


Cars driven mostly in town

Cars which are driven mostly in town and not on motorways do not (or hardly) reach their ideal working temperature. This ensures moisture in the system and clogging in the engine system. Also a fuel such as Shell V-Power or BP Ultimate cannot remove this clogging.

The use of a fuel additive from Bardahl cleans and protects the injection system. But there is more. Besides that it also lubricates engine and increases power and performance. And nevertheless it prevents the pump and injectors seizing by repelling water.



Also taxi’s are heavy loaded but in a total different way. Idling of the engine is what happens a lot. Sometimes short but also sometimes for a long time. When the engine is idling a lot there will be soot contamination. Soot is responsible for wear inside the engine.
Almost all diesel engines these days have a turbo. Soot contamination is bad for the engine but worse for the turbo. Turbo’s work very precisely and contamination shortens the lifetime of the turbo.

Using the correct engine oil is of course very important. But adding a bottle of Oil Booster + Turbo Protect protects the engine even more. After a while the cleaning properties of the motor oil decreases and the turbo is the first engine part that is threaten then. Oil Booster + Turbo Protect will increase the motor oil quality and most important the cleaning properties will increase. The turbo stays free from contamination.


Classic cars

Most classic cars stand still in winter times. When it is spring and the weather is becoming better the classic cars are taken out of the garage. The fuel in the fuel tanks was there for months or maybe a 6 months. That means that a part of the operative fuel components already have been lost. At classic cars it is important that the anti-oxidant (protection against ageing) and anti corrosion (protection against rust).

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Preventive and curative additives

There is a difference in preventive working additives and curative working additives.


Preventive fuel additives and oil additives

These are additives we recommend to prevent problems in the engine, the cooling system or fuel tank etc.
Preventive additives are for example:

Bardahl Fuel Injector Cleaner,
Bardahl Fuel Treatment,
Bardahl Diesel Injector Cleaner,
Bardahl Oil Booster + Turbo Protect.
• Etc

These are products which can be added to the fuel respectively to the engine oil. They help to keep your engine and engine components in good condition. They clean and lubricate the engine and reduce fuel consumption.


Curative fuel additives and oil additives

Moreover Bardahl has an extended range oil additives and fuel additives which you can use when problems already are there. You can think of leakage of engine parts, gearboxes, radiator, intake valves which are stuck etc.

Of course, it is a simple solution to replace the components of which caused the leak (gaskets which shrinked for example). Problem is that these repairs are almost always expensive.


With Bardahl oil additives and fuel additives have you an alternative!

A range of stop leak products, which for example let the gaskets swell. Because the gaskets swell the leak will stop. This is not a guarantee. It depends on the type of gasket and the condition the gasket is in. When it for example is broken even a Bardahl oil stop leak product cannot prevent leakages.Effect Bardahl fuel additves: Deposites on injectors before and after treatment

Bardahl Hydraulic Valve Lifter dissolves and eliminates deposits in the oil canals in the hydraulic valve lifters. Contamination in the intake valves and the fuel system can mean that the engine will perform badly and can at the end cause more problems or even damage.

These are just a number of additives which Bardahl produces to solve problems or to reduce them. What really is broken we cannot solve either with our additives.

But in past 80 years experience we developed products which are tested in the laboratories and in the field/ racetrack. With these additives we helped many people to solve problem of their cars, motors, tractors etc and saved them expensive repairs.

At the left side you see a picture of a contaminated injector (above) and a cleaned injector (below).



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