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Good quality compressor oils prevents problems

Compressors often have to deal with high pressures, high temperatures and / or high speeds. Therefore, the oil to be used has special requirements.

In the cooler the water vapor, which is always present in the air, condensate. It is therefore important that the compressor oil must be highly corrosion resistant and properly adhere in humid conditions. By using Bardahl Compressor Oil (available in various types) the deposits are reduced to a minimum so the system stays clean for a long time. Together with the excellent adhesion, corrosion-resistant components and anti-wear properties the machines are long employable so the sustainable production resources used.


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Lubricants for air compressors: 

Bardahl Compressor Oil H68 / H100

A compressor oil which is composed of specially selected base oils and additives. Extends life and contributes to a higher efficiency. This oil is used for lubrication of the air compressors and suitable for high end compression temperatures.


Read more about Compressor Oil H68/ H100 Ref 75800

Bardahl Compressor Oil S46 (mineral)

A mineral oil that is specially designed to meet the requirements of the major manufacturers of hydraulic screw compressors. This oil contains anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-foam additives. This oil is distinguished by a de-emulsifying power, high viscosity index, low pour point and very long life.


Read more about Compressor Oil S46 Ref 75700