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The Polar Attraction Formula

What is “Bardahl’s Polar Attraction Formula”?

It is an electro-molecular formula that mixes organic polar compounds, a formula unique to Bardahl. This formula has been copied frequently but never equaled.


How does the “Polar Attraction Formula” work?

Special chemicals form a polar bond with metallic surfaces. These “surface active compounds” (Chemically speaking) then form a molecular lubricating film on the metallic surface.


What exactly does the “Polar Attraction Formula” do?

  • It protects against dry (cold) starts.
  • It forms a protective film on all metallic surfaces that doesn’t drain or “wash off” from the metallic surfaces.
  • It improves any oil by providing “vitamins” to the engine.


Why is the Polar Attraction Formula important?

All metal finishes, even the finest ones, are composed of microscopic irregularities, better known as peaks and valleys. With heavy loads or when oil viscosity is low, metallic surfaces can come into contact, also known as “scratch”, and generate wear. The contacts between these peaks and valleys result in high temperatures which weld both surfaces, wear the engine and all other parts.

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Ole Bardahl’s development of the “Polar Attraction” formula changed the way lubricants were formulated. The original “Polar Attraction” formula bonded with load bearing surfaces to protect them against friction and wear, even under the most severe operating conditions. Since its development Bardahl has been working to improve and refine the “Polar Attraction” formula with developments such as use of “Fullerene” chemistry to reduce friction even further.