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Bardahl history

It was in 1939 that Ole Bardahl started the Bardahl Manufacturing Company in Seattle, Washington USA. He had an idea that shifted the limits of engine performance. He came to the conclusion that the molecular construction of motor oils could be modified with an additive, which would make it cling to moving parts.

To lubricate, oil is splashed or sprayed against metal surfaces but being liquid drains away from even the microscopic peaks and valleys that are always present even on the smoothest or surfaces. Friction occurs together with added heat and wear. Ordinary hydrocarbon oil molecules are electrically neutral, as there is no positive or negative charge present to hold them against the molecules in the metal. Ole Bardahl changed all that with the discovery of ‘Polar Attraction Formula’ such that these regular hydrocarbon oil molecules are combined with other base elements to alter their molecular structure. Molecules take on an electrical charge and fasten themselves tightly on any oppositely charged metal molecule. In this way a microscopically thin, but extremely durable film of lubrication is held magnetically in place against the metal, thereby insulating the surface against friction, heat and wear.

Bardahl Orginal classic 5 liter can bardahl-truck ole-bardahl-full

The Bardahl company built a (motor) industry business and racing reputation upon this principle. It has been used ever since by racing champions and ordinary motorists alike gain that winning margin of extra performance, reduced wear and longer engine life.


Bardahl has 75 years experience in the development of oil additives and fuel additives, lubricants and maintenance products for cars, motor and industry. Over the years, Bardahl increased its global presence and is now available in more than 100 countries.

The aim of the company in the past and present is still to develop, lubricants of the best quality to better than available at that time. This resulted in the production of many oil additives and fuel additives for gasoline, gas, diesel and propane powered vehicles and machines.

Testing products

Besides the extended laboratory research, Bardahl finds racing in competition the very best test for its products. Oil and fuel additives are tested in races under the most extreme conditions.

Powerboat racing, Formule-1, Indy-Cars and Cart-racing, NASCAR, Motorraces, Rally’s such as motor cross and Dakar: Bardahl has gone in competition in all these types of sport and still does. Bardahl oil and fuel additives have been developed especially for continue functioning under the most heavy circumstances. They keep lubricating there where other products no longer do this. For this reason Bardahl, all over the world, will prove it’s quality on circuits, in rally’s and in motor cross. Simply because racing with our own oil and fuel-additives is the best test and proof.

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 The most important: our customers

Almost obvious, the existing customers and winning new relations determine the future of OCD Nederland B.V. We keep following the market developments en continue to develop new products. Products which will fulfil the demand of our customers.

Because of our extended product range, we can be your total supplier whether it concerns a garage, motorcycle shop, transport cranes, foodproduction etc. For everything which has to be lubricated, Bardahl has a solution. This with ongoing improvements of the quality of the products we sell, OCD Nederland B.V. is since 1958 a reliable partner who is there for you. Obvious, we observe new securities- and environmental regulations. Thus raw materials and/or products are chosen, which are less harmful for our environment and which cause the lowest possible danger and embarrassment for the user and its surrounding. Why do people choose Bardahl? Below you can read the top 10 reasons why people choose Bardahl.


• Helps solving problems

• Helps to prevent problems

• Has a unique and wide assortment: total supplier

• Products have been extensively tested in the laboratory and racing

• Has more than 75 years experience

• Can deliver all packages

• Customer focus; personal advice

Bardahl continues, there where others stop.

Better environment with Bardahl

Less CO2, less fuel consumption, better car performance

Environment, a topic which becomes more and more important. We are aware that environment and security thereby, is of great importance. Bardahl, everywhere in the world, make quality products which our customers can use in all security. At all times we will minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and the health of people.

Below you find concrete activities which are taken to limit the damage to environment and health at every time.

• With oil- and fuel additives of Bardahl, you can take part in the reduction of the emission of polluting gases by cars, motorcycles, boats etc.

• A range Bardahl additives ensure that the fuel consumption of engines is reduced and power loss is brought back.

• Introduction of more biologically degradable lubricants and cleaners.

• Special low-saps oil, which ensures at a car with particle filter, that the filter works sufficient and constipation of the filter is limited.

• Bardahl lubricants make it possible to reduce and lower the maintenance of machines.

• Bardahl products are provided with an index, so the dangers of wrong use by the persons can be prevented.

• At the production of Bardahl products, strict environmental standards are observed.

• Bardahl respects and anticipates on the European standards concerning the formulation and labelling.