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Diesel Antifreeze

Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze lowers the solidification point of diesel fuels and fuel oils and prevents pipes and filters from becoming clogged. In addition, this diesel additive acts as a fuel dryer, which absorbs the moisture, and in turn, will evaporate during the combustion process.

Bardahl Diesel Antifreeze has been measured in various European diesel fuels and fuel oils. Already in a ratio of 1:1000, this product ensures that the fuel is already protected up to approx. -30 °C. The risk of clogging the pipes and the filter is therefore a thing of the past.

  • More complete and cleaner combustion: – less smoke and less fuel consumption
  • Keeps the fuel in optimal condition: outdated fuels become stable again due to the dissolving effect and the process of ‘drying’ the fuel..
  • HKeep nozzles and injectors clean: If one or more of the nozzles become clogged with varnish (fuel precipitation), the amount of fuel injected is reduced by 20 to 30%. This leads to power loss. The effect of the injectors can also be reduced by the formation of varnish.
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  • Prevents rust and corrosion formation: rust particles reduce the throughput of the fuel filter. Rust and corrosion forms in tank, pipes and fuel system. Corrosion in the pipes can cause blockages even more easily when the fuel is flocculated.


When striving for the best result, add the product into the fuel tank before refueling. Do this when the outside temperature is above the freezing point of the diesel fuel. This canister has a dilution option in the cap. 

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