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Hydraulic Valve Lifter

Removes deposits on hydraulic valves.

Bardahl Hydraulic Valve Lifter will ensure that the critical lubrication channels are kept free of gum and varnish, thus allowing a continuous flow of oil. Using this product: Dissolves and eliminates deposits throughout the whole engine. Reduces engine noise generally but the upper cylinder area in particular. Forms a protective anti-wear film on valve lifters, valve stems for reduced friction and greater efficiency. Extends engine life generally. Will not block the oil filter and increases oil flow throughout the engine in general. Suitable for use in both petrol and diesel lubricants. Suitable for all types on engine, diesel, common rail, LPG and high pressure petrol engines with or without turbochargers. Directions for use: Pour the contents of the 300 ml can into the crankcase at the time of a normal oil change or in between times when a ‘top up’ is required. Will not harm catalytic converters or particle filters.


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