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Bardahl Fuel Treatment is a preventive fuel additive that keeps the entire fuel system in good condition. The product can be used throughout the life of the engine. Prevents the loss of power due to engine congestion and wear.

  • Suitable for all petrol engines.
  • Prevents contamination of the injection system.
  • Reduces the formation of carbon deposits and keeps the fuel system clean.
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  • Reduces fuel consumption and black smoke emissions.
  • Removes water from the fuel and prevents pinging.


Suitable for all petrol engines. Do not use Bardahl Fuel Treatmentwith E85 biofuels. Pour the bottle into the tank and add up to 80 liters of fuel (ignore the spare). Drive normally until the treated fuel is used up in one or more trips.

Suitable for all types of gasoline engines (injection, carburetion, high pressure systems, turbos and LPG.) with or without catalytic converter.

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