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Carburettor Cleaner

Bardahl Carburateur Reiniger has been developed to prevent and fix carburetor problems. This petrol cleaner ensures that the carburetor jet is properly cleaned. As a result, a small oil film remains after use for additional lubrication.

  • Cleans and removes deposits from the carburetor
  • Restores power, throttle response and acceleration
  • Improves engine ignition.
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  • Reduces black exhaust smoke
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Ensures proper idle running of the engine


One canister of Carburetor Cleaner is enough for 20 liters of gasoline. Drive until the fuel tank is empty as much as possible when the cleaner has been added in the tank. Suitable for cars with or without catalytic converter. The product does not affect plastic or rubber gaskets.

Not suitable for E85 bio petrol.

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