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Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner

Bardahl Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner is a new concentrated formula specially designed for lifting problems such as; acceleration stuttering, engine idle irregularly, cold start problems, high fuel consumption and exhaust fumes, which results from fuel system contamination of both old and new diesel engines.

Bardahl Diesel Injector Cleaner contains a careful formulation of special solvents and cleaning agents that clean and maintain the atomizers without disassembling them. This product is especially for professional workshop use.

  • Cleaning and protection of the complete injection system (injectors, valves, pump, pipes, etc….)
  • Increases the cetane number of the diesel oil and promotes the acceleration of the engine.
  • Prevents injectors and pump from jamming by removing water from the fuel.
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  • Reduces fuel consumption thanks to its anti-friction properties.
  • Reduces engine noise thanks to its lubricating properties.
  • Reduces exhaust smoke and simplifies the retuning of the engine in accordance with emission requirements.


You can use Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner in 2 ways.

I. Add the diesel injector cleaner if there is still about 20 liters of fuel in the tank and drive the tank empty as much as possible.
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This way you have a highly concentrated mixture (fuel cleaner with fuel). We recommend this if engines are really polluted, with noticeable signals such as: high fuel consumption, malfunctions, poor performance, irregular running of the engine etc.

II. Add the diesel injector cleaner to the fuel tank and fill up the fuel tank completely.
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It is a less highly concentrated mixture than the 1st option, but the product has more time to do its job. We recommend the 2nd option if you want to clean the engine preventively. Preventive cleaning of the engine contributes to maintaining performance and minimizes the risk of malfunctions.

Whichever way you choose; both options are good. There is no right or wrong.

Best advice

Add a Bardahl Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner every 5,000km and 10,000km

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  • If you drive a lot of short stretches, preferably add every 5,000km.
  • If you drive a lot of highway kilometers than every 10,000 km.

In this way, the engine remains in top condition and contamination does not stand a chance. Always read the instructions on the label before adding the common rail diesel cleaner.

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