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Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner

A highly concentrated diesel additive for fast and effective cleaning of fuel injection systems.

Bardahl Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner contains a special formulation which cleans the sprays and maintain them without dismantling them. This product is special for professional workshop use. One treatments with Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner already ensure following improvements: cleans and protects the complete injection system (injectors, flaps, pump, piping etc…..). Raise the Cetane number of diesel oil and increases the acceleration. Prevents mal function of the injectors and of the pump by removing water from the fuel. Reduces the fuel consumption thanks to the anti-wear properties. Reduce the noise of the engine thanks to the lubricating properties. Reduces the exhaust smoke and simplifies the adjustment of the engine in accordance with emission-demands. Do not add more than prescribed, this may have an adverse effect.

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