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Highly concentrated fuel additive for fast and effective cleaning of fuel injection systems.

Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner

This highly concentrated Fuel additive will:
1) Clean and protect the complete injection system
2) Reduce fuel consumption
3) Improve acceleration
4) Increase lubricity of the fuel and remove water (condensation) from the fuel.
5) Reduce engine noise
6) Reduce of exhaust smoke.

This Concentrated Fuel additive (ref 1198B) is particularly suitable for modern engines (FSI, GDI, etc.). The formulation of the Concentrated Fuel Cleaner is a stronger version than the Fuel Injector Cleaner. (ref 12101) and has 200ml more content.


Pour the entire contents of the vial tank when there are about 20 liters of fuel in it.

Best advice:

Add this fuel additive every 10.000km to the fueltank. Always read the instructions on the label before adding the product. Do not add more than prescribed, this may have an adverse effect.

To buy Bardahl Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner: go to the online bardahlshop

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