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NSF - Nonfood Compounds 3H

3H Food Grade Lubricants

Bardahl 3H Food White Grease is formulated from an inorganic soap and a Codex Vaseline Base Oil which complies with the 21 CFR Standard, Part 172, Section 178,878.

This grease is suitable for use in the food industry and is registered under number 160636 category code 3H by NSF.  3H Food Grade Lubricants have been developed for lubricating machine parts which may directly come into contact with food. Bardahl 3H Food White Grease is suitable for use in a variety of food safe applications.


  • Any material used in slaughterhouses and butchers: conveyor belts, rails with hooks, …
  • Tin factories, bakeries, water purifiers, ..
  • Foodstuffs for pets
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Rollers
  • On grilles, breadcrumbs, knives, cutting boards or any other hard surface in direct contact with food.



  • Very sticky
  • Can be used at temperatures between -15ºC to + 130ºC
  • High stability against shock
  • Excellent resistance to vapor and water
  • Do not damage gaskets, paint and plastics.
  • Do not leave any markings (this grease is colorless)


Analitical data

  • NLGI GRADE    2
  • Base Oil               Vaseline Codex
  • Colour                  Transparent
  • Density                0,9
  • Soap                     Inorganic
  • Drop Point          None

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