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Molykote grease

Bardahl MoS2 Grease is a molykote grease equipped with a water-resistant soap with a very high melting point, a mineral base oil and MOS2 solid lubricants.

Properties of Bardahl MoS2 grease:
a multifunctional grease for lubricating plain bearings, hinges, turns, rollers, …
It is particularly suitable for heavy loads and slow movements.
Provides maximum protection against rust and corrosion.
Excellent protection against wear, even under heavy/complex operating loads and humid conditions.


It is particularly suitable for very high loads and low speeds.
Excellent protection against wear, even under extreme loads and damp conditions.
Temperature range: -20°C + 140°C.


Technical data
Color                             Black
Soap                              Lithium
Drop point                   190°C
NLGI Grade                 2
60 hit penetration      265/295
Oil nature                     Mineral
4 ball test                      400 kg
Corrosion on copper   1b


Article number        31490

Content                      400 gr


Article number        31493

Content                      25 kg


Article number        31495

Content                      50 kg


Article number        31496

Content                      180 kg

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