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Motor oil: API SM/CF - ACEA A3/B4, for turbo fuel- and diesel engines.

Bardahl XTC RS 5W40 Syntronic motor oil has been formulated to meet the increasing severe requirements of modern engines. This oil is a selected blend of synthesized hydrocarbons and carefully selected esters. The lubricant contains a carefully balanced and custom designed additive system which provides outstanding high-temperature detergency and unsurpassed dispersancy at both low and high temperatures. The product is highly resistant to thermal degradation while providing a very high level of oxidation resistance. This is supplemented by a high level of anti-wear and corrosion inhibitors. Because of its unusual properties, this oil can continue to provide satisfactory lubrication without substantial deposits at higher temperatures than conventional mineral oils. Bardahl XTC RS 5W40 Syntronic motor oil helps provide lower fuel consumption (due to reduced friction), lower lube oil consumption, extended oil drain intervals, and longer filter life. This oil is designed to improve cleanliness and to reduce wear to ensure longer engine life. This product has outstanding high temperature stability, thus ensuring outstanding lubrication under severe engine loads and at critical ambient temperature applications. Concurrently, it also provides exceptional low temperature fluidity at subzero temperatures that permits faster cranking and easier starting.

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