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API SN/CF, ACEA C3-16, BMW LONGLIFE-04, FIAT 9.55535-GH2/9.55535-S2, FORD WSS-M2C917-A, GM dexos2™, MB 226,5/229,31, PORSCHE A40, RENAULT RN 0700/RN 0710, VW 505,01/502/505

Bardahl motor oil XTC 50501 5W40 Syntronic a full synthetic oil which has been developed especially for engines to which extreme demands are made (long life technology). The combination of synthetic and first class mineral basis oil and the newest sophisticated additives, ensure that this motor oil is arranged for Volkswagen Unit Injectors. The high viscosity index ensures that this oil is applicable at both extreme cold and heat. Moreover, this motor oil saves fuel and limits the oil usage in both petrol – and diesel engines of persons – and company carriages. Many tests by many motorcar manufacturers, ensured that this motor oil has the following characterisations: excellent lubrication capacity. Arranged for use at extreme low temperatures. Arranged as a fuel saving motor oil. Directions for use: this oil satisfies injector petrol to the last specifications of Volkswagen/ Audi/ Seat/ Skoda fuel- and diesel engines and is safe for catalysts.

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