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Multi Service Grease

A universal grease specially developed for the automotive, transport, DD and do-it-yourself sector.

This multi service grease contains lithium soaps and special extreme pressure additives. It is formulated to meet the lubrication requirements of plain and anti-friction bearings, gears and couplings.

The problem: Grease is a lubricant blended with a thickener. Different thickeners give different abilities for use in various circumstances high or low temperatures, high pressure, water contact and so on. But several different greases is inconvenient and expensive and could mean not having the right one when it’s needed.

The solution Bardahl Multi Service Grease is a versatile blend of lithium thickener, high-grade oil and special EP-additives. This grease has a high dropping point (melting temperature as measured by a standard test), good water resistance and slight breakdown under pressure and extended use. It can also be pumped excellent down to -20°C. Bardahl Multi Service Grease will provide outstanding mechanical stability and has been fortified with special additives to enhance extreme pressure and anti-wear performance properties. This grease is a superior multi-purpose grease formulated to provide extra protector in high temperatures and high friction areas. This product is available in a standard and white version packed in small handy containers of 100 and 500 gram.

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  • Multi Service Grease 500gr
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