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NMMA TC-W3, OMC 40/70

Bardahl Nautic TCWIII Outboard Motor Oil is an unique blend of high quality, scuff and wear resistant base oils, a synthetic anti-wear extreme pressure agent, and a high molecular weight anti-scuff additive. This blend of high performance additives and clean burning base oils is especially formulated to provide clean combustion, oxidation resistance, and superior scuff protection. To minimize ring sticking and the formation of wrist pin varnish, piston varnish, and engine deposits, Bardahl Nautic TCWIII Outboard Motor Oil utilizes an ash less detergent-dispersant system. This ash less system also guards against pre-ignition, exhaust port blocking, and spark plug fouling.

Directions for use
Thoroughly mix Bardahl Nautic TCWIII Outboard Motor Oil with gasoline in a clean separate container. Blend according to manufacturer’s recommendations or to directions on the can. For competition, vary ratio according to conditions and engine characteristics.
This Outboard Motor Oil is especially formulated to fulfill the latest lubrication requirements of outboard engines. Meet Johnson/ Evinrude, Mercury and other outboard manufacturer requirements where NMMA TC-W III is specified.
This outboard oil is predicted for use in oil-injection systems. Fuel/ oil mix ratios to 100:1

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