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Nautic TCWIII Outboard 2 stroke

Bardahl Nautic Super Outboard TCWIII Engine Oil is a two-stroke oil with a higher than average quality blend than prescribed by the leading manufacturers of outboard engines. It exceeds the lubrication requirements of water-cooled outboard engines and air-cooled engines that are heavily loaded and have to run at a high speed for a long time. 

Bardahl Super Outboard TCWIII Engine oil is easy to mix with gasoline and this does not change at very low temperatures.  Mix the oil according to the instructions of the engine manufacturer.

  • NMMA TC-W3
  • OMC 40/70



Bardahl Super Outboard TCWIII Motor Oil is suitable for all two-stroke engines that have a prescribe ashless oil such as outboard engines, snowmobiles, jet skis and two-stroke snow blowers.

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