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Bardahl XTG Gear Oil FE 75W is a fully synthetic lubricant based on very high-quality low viscosity base oils, for use in manual gearboxes of passenger cars that allow maximum fuel saving (CO2 reduction). The product offers optimized cold-start properties and stable behavior with regard to viscosity / temperature.

Bardahl XTG Gear Oil FE 75W is specifically formulated for gearboxes for which low viscosity manual transmission oil is recommended, for example VW transmission oil SAE 75W.

  • API GL-4
  • BMW MTF LT-2
  • MTF LT-3 FORD WSS-M2C200-D2
  • GM MTF 0063 555555
  • PSA B71 9730 A8
  • VW G 052 171 / G 052 178 / G 052 512 / G 052 726 / G 052 798

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