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A non-greasy, silicone-free hand protection, which easily spreads and absorbs.

Barrier Cream

Bardahl Barrier Cream is a non-greasy, silicon-free, pre-work lotion, which is easily absorbed to provide long-lasting skin protection. It forms a barrier to prevent harmful substances and dirt from penetrating into the skin, thus making the hands easier to clean. This product is dermatologically and toxicologically tested and therefore will not harm.

This cream is ideal where a wide range of substances may be encountered and provides protection against the harmful effects of water, hot or cold conditions, various solvents, acids, alkalis, oils, greases, lubricants, tar, bitumen, inks, lacquers, paints, cement, lime, adhesives, polyurethane foams, sealants, soot, pigments etc.

Bardahl Barrier Cream is based on natural ingredients, which are dermatologically and toxicologically safe, and contains natural α- Bisabolol, an inflammation inhibitor found in camomile. A unique combination of active ingredients provides allround protection, whilst allowing the skin to breathe and retain its natural moisture. Bardahl Barrier Cream contains no preservatives, mineral or silicon oils or their derivatives.

Legal clauses for skin and handcleansers

Skin and hand cleansers are regulated by the Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EWG. The Cosmetic Directive implies that manufacturers of cosmetics may only launch products which are harmless for the consumer. This must be proven for every launched cosmetic by an individual safety assessment.
According to European Right, cosmetics neither require a designation as hazardous good nor issues of safety data sheets.

Bardahl Handcleaner is registrated at the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal). Regulation EG nr. 1223/2009, nr 1452097 (Industry nr 60500).

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