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Electronic Contact Cleaner

Bardahl Electronic Contact Cleaner is a highly efficient, general purpose cleaning solvent, ideal for the efficient and speedy removal of stains, coatings, printing inks or deposits of oil, grease or dirt. It is a product of low toxicity, and does not cause corrosion of metals. Safe to use on most plastics or fibres, it quickly evaporates (it is advisable to test on a small sample if in doubt). Suitable for cleaning most electrical installations and delicate instruments leaving no residue.

Bardahl Electronic Contact Cleaner sprays to give a colourless stream of rapidly drying solvent. Protects all high voltage wiring against weather damage. Prevents arcing and build-up on ignition wires and connectors.

Bardahl Electronic Contact Cleaner keeps the ignition system at peak performance, assuring quick and smooth engine starts in cold and wet weather and reducing the chance of misfiring. It prevents electrical leakage particularly in older wiring, thereby reducing voltage drop.

Bardahl Electronic Contact Cleaner keeps points, contacts, fuses, switches, relays, plugs cable-connections, printed circuits and diagnostic test equipment free of oxidation and sulphide depositions. It dissolves and flushes away grease, oil, dust and dirt.

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