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Developped especially for cleaning of heavily soiled engines and machines. Bardahl Engine Cleaner removes oil, grease and dirt from the engine, as well as tar and insects from car paint or chrome. It is harmless to wiring, rubber parts or paint.

Bardahl Engine Cleaner and degreaser is an extremely efficient, cleaner for all kinds of mechanical parts and electronic equipment. This product has a very low percentage aromatic-solvents which makes is it an ideal general purpose cleaner. This cleaner is a biological degradable, non flammable and powerful cleaner which consists highly alcalic solvents and surface active materials. It is used for thorough II of engines, chassis, gearboxes and propeller shafts. Bardahl Engine Cleaner can simply be sprayed in various concentrations on parts which have to cleaned; a brush is needed for extremely polluted area’s. This highly concentrated cleaner dissolves oil and grease, tar and dried anti-rust substances very rapidly and is suitable for using on metal as well as artificial and painted surfaces. It will easily dissolve oil, grease, dirt and cutting fluids. It is quick drying and safe for use on electrical parts. The powerful agents in Engine Cleaner go to work to loosen and dissolve performance robbing contamination. Bardahl Engine Cleaner and degreaser can be used to clean engine parts and components of cars, trucks, diesel equipment, tools, machinery, molds, etc.

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