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A scientifically balanced cleaner for both industrial and domestic use. Environmentally safe and biodegradable. It can replace a wide range of products. The product is powerful enough for heavy industrial activities, such as spills of oils, degreasing, parts etc. Biodegradable.

Bardahl Heavy Duty Cleaner is the perfect solution for the most diverge jobs. Removes easy dirt and scale, mineral, vegetable and animal greases and oils. This product cleans floors as well as machines, apparatus, engines, walls, ovens, wash-rooms, floors and stairs. Bardahl Heavy Duty Cleaner can be used for all kind of materials.

Hard surfaces:

plastic, vinyl, ceramic, glass, paintwork, enamel, fibre- and plexiglas, wood, etc.


concrete, natural stone, terrazzo, ceramic, etc.


stainless steel, other steel alloys, aluminium, bronze, copper, chrome, silver, etc.

Bardahl Heavy Duty Cleaner is harmless for the environment and is bio-degradable. It contains no lies or acids, which makes it not aggressive and is mild for the hands.

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