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Bardahl Bio Remover G1900 is a blend of vegetable emulsifiers of the turpentine type, surfactants and sequestering agents. Suitable for universal cleaning of heavy contaminations. Excellent for the removal of glue and graffiti from floors or walls. It has a smell of fresh citrus.

Bardahl Bio Remover G1900 is a heavy duty cleaner, water based dilatable and designed for degreasing and cleaning of the heavy jobs. Depending on local cleaning applications we herewith give you the general application for Bardahl Bio Remover G1900 which is an universal heavy duty cleaner also for cleaning of oil residue applications.
Carbonaceous residues, crude oil, asphalt, tar-like deposits, oil and grease and is applied for cleaning of: storage tanks, tank walls, tank wagons and trailers, heat exchangers, pipelines, floors, etc. The product emulsion stays stable, does not emulsify for use with water/oil

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