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Bardahl Undercoating is an undercoating based on bitumen, specially developed for drip-free application.

In addition to the bottom plate, a potential risk of rust also applies to the wheel housings, sills. For MOT inspection, a stainless bottom plate, sills and wheel housings are the starting point. Rusted parts immediately cause problems on the MOT. Undercoating ensures durable protection of these parts that are often directly subject to moisture, dirt, water and certainly road salt. Moisture that gets the chance to precipitate on the steel causes rust to form. An outdated layer of undercoating no longer protects here. The coating here accelerates the process of rust formation. The most vulnerable parts are the sills and wheel arches.

Colour : zwart
Solids : 53-57% (DIN 53215)
Flashpunt : >41°C (ASTM D 1320-67)
Viscosity (20°C) : 10.000 +/- 2.000 cP
Density (20°C) : 1.04 +/- 0.02 kg/l (DIN 51757)
Time to dry (20°C) : 5-7 uur
Salt spraying test : >200 uur (SS DIN 53210)

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