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Bardahl Intercoating ML is composed of basic raw materials with strong penetrating properties. As a result, a durable anti-rust treatment of also hard-to-reach body parts such as door frames and welds is possible without problems.

After application, a dry, non-sticking film with a layer thickness of approx. 20-40 microns is created. This layer is amber and transparent. Due to the excellent temperature resistance, corrosion-resistant treatment of the trunk lid and bonnet is also possible. In addition to this specific ML treatment, the product can also be used to protect metal parts, metal surfaces and tools during storage and transport.

Colour : amber bruin
Solids : 49-54 % (DIN 53216)
Flashpunt : >39 °C (ASTM D 1320-67)
Viscosity (20°C) : 0 +/- 5 sec
Density (20°C) :0.86 +/- 0.02 (DIN 51757)
Time to dry (20°C) : 5-7 uur
Salt spraying test : >200 uur (SS DIN 50021)

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