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A corrosion product, specially designed for the protection of cavities in car bodies, such as doors and box sections.

Bardahl Intercoating ML is an amber coloured, durable preservative, which is used for the interior and exterior of motorCars and for many other uses in shipping and MM. It has an exceptional flow capability, seeps under damp, checks rust and combats rust corrosion from the interior in doors, panels and other hollow spaces. All cavities become easily accessible without the necessity for special tools, e.g. recesses for head lights and interior of doors should be treated with Bardahl Intercoating ML even prior to the initial signs of damages caused by corrosion. This product has excellent penetrative and water repelling powers. Once it has dried (after about 30 min.) the product forms a retentive, elastic film-layer. In addition, this product will also protect chromium parts and all kind of apparatuses and (gardening) tools from corrosion.

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