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Bardahl Body Coating is a quick-drying coating. This coating has been specially developed for durable crushed stone protection of spoilers, door sills and visible sides of car bodies. The product is strong tixotropic and can therefore be applied drip-free.

The product ensures excellent adhesion and can be sprayed with any type of paint system if desired, where ‘bleeding’ does not occur. After use, a closed, elastic film with a lot of structure and excellent resistance to rust and crushed stone forms.


The surface must be clean, dry and free of rust. The can should be shaken well before use. This crushed stone coating can be processed with any type of under screw gun. The optimum working pressure is 3-5 bar. The recommended layer thickness is approx. 1mm wet. For painting with synthetic resin slag, the applied coating layer must be almost dry. 2K and nitro lacquers require a completely dry coating layer. With nitro and 2K paints, it is best to first pre-spray the coating layer thinly and finished after sufficient drying time. The product should be kept cool.


Colour :wit, grijs, zwart
Viscosity (20°C) :8000 +/- 2000 cP
Solids :44-47% (DIN 53216)
Density (20°) :1.04 +/- 0.02 kg/L (DIN 51757)
Flashpunt :2°C (ASTM D 1310-67)
Possible to spray :indien volledig droog
Salt spraying test :200 uur (DIN 50021)


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