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This lubricant protects and displaces moisture. Ideal to keep rubber flexible.

Bardahl Silicone Spray Lube retards the formation of rust and salt-water corrosion. The clear film is non-staining and will lubricate all sliding parts. The high-quality silicones plus the special penetrating effect, makes this product the ideal clean lubricant and preservative for all rotating and sliding parts. It will repel dirt, sand, dust and water. Lubricates: car-locks, doors, trunk lids, windows, rubber weather-stripping, speedometer cables etc. Tour, sport, race- and motocross cycles-cables, brake levers, pedals etc., Home & office -sliding doors, drawers, hinges, locks, wooden windows, ski’s, runners, zippers etc.Insulates: car & boat-distributor caps, ignitions, wires, generators, starters and radio antennas against moisture: Protects: chrome, brass, aluminum, plastic, wood, rubber, vinyl, leather, all kind of sport equipment, garden-tools, seat covers and tire sidewalls. Eliminates: squeaks caused by friction and rattles or noises under the dashboard. Prevents outside locks from freezing. Stops windows, doors, drawers, hinges, latches, or zippers from sticking. Will not freeze down to -40°C or degrade at +200°C.Rubber Care: Bardahl Silicone Spray Lube keeps rubber parts smooth and plain. It protects against aging, stickiness and binding at very low temperatures. Parts made of rubber particularly seals on Cars and GGs tend to become brittle, sticky or shrink because of aging or the effect of high temperatures.

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