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Silicone Spray Lube

Bardahl Silicone Spray is an anti-friction agent for all kinds of applications; for cars, in the home or in the office. Silicone Spray Lube lubricates plastic, rubber, metal and all kinds of other sliding surfaces. The silicone cannot be washed away, melted away or frozen. It dries quickly, does not stick and does not stain.

Bardahl Silicone Spray keeps rubber parts smooth. The product can therefore also be used as a rubber spray. It protects against drying out and sticky at low temperatures. Components made from rubber (window rubbers and door rubbers) and especially the rubber seals of cars and trucks become fragile, sticky, and brittle over time. But rubber can also shrink because of aging or strongly varying temperature influences and can ultimately result in Leakage.

Bardahl Silicone Spray prolongs the life of rubber materials.

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