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Penetrating Oil: lubricates, crawls, protects, displaces moisture and stops rust.

Now there are many multi-sprays for sale. What makes Bardahl BD-50 Multi-Spray particular? First, a mixture of high quality oils with a special formula, providing a long-term lubrication and protection. The unique high-pressure additives and polar organic compounds attach themselves to the metal. This creates an oil film on the metal that provides less friction and wear. By its unique composition Bardahl BD-50 Multi-Spray stays attached even under water, so that the lubricating film can do its work and continues to protect. By the unique composition (strong) condensation and freezing have no chance. In addition, Bardahl BD-50 Multi-Spray contains special organic ingredients so the smallest openings are achieved. Finally, ensure anti-rust and corrosion components that further rust and corrosion is avoided. The potential of oil oxidation, caused by high temperatures or moisture are reduced.

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