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An additive specially developed for the use in service applications where high impact loads, high temperatures, high speed operation and other severe service conditions prevail. Bardahl Industrial Oil Additive will provide regular lubricating oil with extra protection against friction and wear, foaming, corrosion and oxidation.

Bardahl Industrial Oil Additive’s ‘polar attraction’ formula provides a full-time low friction molecular film under the most severe service applications. This unique blend of polar organic chemicals and extreme pressure agents bonds to metal surfaces and stands up under the pressures and temperatures of heavy industrial use. Bardahl Industrial Oil Additive also contains a multifunctional corrosion inhibitor which serves as a barrier against corrosion and an antioxidant to control deposits. In addition, Bardahl Industrial Oil Additive has a special foam inhibitor to prevent the formation of foam and air bubbles which, if left unchecked, would reduce the lubricant film and increase the chance of metal to metal contact under severe service conditions. Directions for use: For typical heavy duty applications, add 5-20% Bardahl Industrial Oil Additive to the regular lubricating oil. For extreme conditions, add as necessary to provide sufficient protector. This product is suitable for the lubrication of machines and machine components such as: ball -, role-bearings, fast rotating axes, cog wheel castes, collar tractions, axes, bearings with high working temperatures and in a lot of other cases.

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