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Bardahl Anti Seize is a lead-free copper paste with a very high content of inorganic solids.

Bardahl Anti Seize ensures long-term protection of slow-moving machine and engine parts.

  • General industrial applications: Locking bolts and pins of all kinds of machine parts such as: pumps, mixing installations, hinge points of presses. Locking bolts of bulldozers, loading cranes, draglines, etc.
  • Steel mills: Bolts of safety valves and various other parts exposed to high temperatures.
  • Power Plants: High pressure flanges of boilers. Head bolts of lids for turbo generators and turbo fans. Turnbuckles and nuts of high pressure boilers.
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  • Automotive sector: For assembly of all those parts that are later transported again: disassembled, must be, such as bolts on exhausts, seals and door locks. To prevent beeping noise in writing brake systems.
  • Welding: Protects against splashing when using CO² welding equipment. On the threads of nozzles, guide bushings and on the attachment points of welding burners.
  • Agricultural sector: Bearing bolts and fixing screws of earthmoving machines: tracked vehicles, tractors (incl. auxiliary machines), combines, etc.
  • Railways: Rotary pins, locking bolts of buffers and adjustment screws of brakes of diesel locomotives.


In addition, Bardahl Anti Seize is also available as a copper spray. When the copper paste is in a spray tube, it provides a thin, even film on the surface to be treated when spraying. In this way, hard-to-access parts can also be provided with a layer of copper grease.

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