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Anti Seize Spray / Paste

Bardahl Anti Seize is a lubricating – and assembly paste for very high temperatures. It is a lead-free copper paste with a very high percentage of inorganic solid constituents. It provides long lasting protection of slow-moving machine parts and engine parts. When for example a screw thread gets as it were seized, because of the heat, using a cutting torch or a metal saw be the only solution. The damage parts will then have to be replaced and this is a very time-consuming matter.

The problem

When two connecting metal parts are exposed to heat for some length of time, they will oxidize on the confronting sides. The crystals of the oxide thus formed will spread from the one side to the interstice of the other side and bite into the surface. When this goes hand in hand with the vibrations, a ‘cold-welding’ of both metal surfaces may occur. This will then result in a complete jamming or seizing.

The action

Bardahl Anti Seize creates a different metallic medium between metal surfaces, which not compound with either of the two metal surfaces. In this way the metal surfaces of all sorts of joints will be kept apart, even after exposure to extreme pressures or temperatures. A thin coating will provide trouble-free and long-lasting protection against the seizing, corrosion and rusting of bolts, threaded ends, nuts, joints, fences etc. Moreover it provides protection against oxidation, corrosion, vibrations, wear and attack. The balanced composition of this product highly simplifies the fitting on and detaching of screws, bolts and nuts.


the use of Bardahl Anti Seize will prevent metal parts welding together because of extreme pressures and temperatures. It also prevents disc brake screeching (See separate description)

Tests Extensive tests at high temperatures, variable loads and humidity levels, haven proved the effectiveness of Bardahl Anti Seize.


  • General industrial uses: Lock bolts and pins of all kinds of machine parts such as pumps, mixing units, hinge points of presses. Lock bolts of bulldozers, loading cranes, draglines, etc.
  • Steel mills: Safety valve bolts and various other parts exposed to high temperatures.
  • Power Station: High-pressure flanges of boilers. Head bolts of boilers. Head bolts of lids for turbo generators and turbo-blowers. Turnbuckles and nuts of high-pressure boilers.
  • Automobile sector incl. transport: For the fitting on of all those parts which will have to be taken down later on, such as bolts on exhaust pipes, gaskets and car door locks. For the prevention of screeching noises in disc brake systems.
  • Welding: Protects against welding-spatter when CO2 welding equipment is used. Use on the screw threads of nozzles, guide bushed and on the fastening points of welding torches.
  • Agrarian sector incl. earthmovers: Bearing bolts and fastening screws of caterpillars, tractors (incl. auxiliary engines), combine harvesters, etc.
  • Railroads: Pivots, lock bolts of buffers and adjusting screws of diesel locomotive brakes.

Directions for use

Bardahl Anti Seize is available as a paste, in plastic jars, and in aerosol cans. When spraying on, the aerosol-can type will provide a thin, even film on the surface to be treated. Even parts that are hard to get can be given the required protection by means of a sprayer.

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