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Protects switches and other electrical components from moisture. After it is sprayed on a surface of which forms a thick, layer. It lubricates and also works as an anti-adhesive and solvent.

Bardahl Silicone Spray Compound is a very high and very low temperature compound that can be used as a lubricating grease in the packaging and KK in particular for the lubrication of pneumatic valves. It is an easy to use spray compound for food handling containers and machinery.
The working:
Bardahl Silicone Spray Compound can withstand peak temperatures of -40°C and +200°C for a short period of time. This product has an excellent resistance to water and damp, it also imparts superior slip qualities to most substrates. Bardahl Silicone Spray Compound is particularly effective and useful for the lubrication of switches and as a moisture protection of electrical wiring and sensitive electrical parts.

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