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A synthetic cutting oil cooling compound. This product is completely soluble in water, and forms a clear cutting or metal working fluid. It contains no mineral or soluble oils which bacteria feed on.

Bardahl Synthetic Metalworking is made only of water-soluble chemicals giving this cutting fluid excellent stability and heat transfer properties. These chemicals also act to provide superior lubrication and rust protection and are full biological degradable. The problem: Cutting fluids made with soluble oils typically form milky emulsions making work difficult to see. Welding, tearing and scaring of tool and worked piece results from inadequate tool life. Rust can ruin finished pieces and tools without adequate protection. Anti-bacterial protection leads to poor quality work, reduces tool life and smelly working lubricant-coolant. The action: Bardahl Synthetic Metalworking Fluid forms a clear emulsion allowing operator to see work. Bardahl Synthetic Metalworking Fluid acts as an heat transfer, medium reducing welding and prolonging tool life by maintaining the built up edge. Bardahl Synthetic Metalworking Fluid prevents welding, scaring and tearing of worked piece surfaces at low concentrations (Four Ball tests demonstrate that mixtures of 50:1 BSWF will provide better lubricity than most emulsifiable cutting oils at 25:1 mixtures). Bardahl Synthetic Metalworking fluid contains chemical agents which form a rust resistant coating on metal prolonging tool life and protecting the finish of worked pieces. Bardahl Synthetic metal Working Fluid contains no oils to promote bacterial growth and thus its use reduces the odour and health problems often associated with soluble cutting oil additives.

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