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A non-soluble, completely formulated synthetic-based, cutting oil designed for the machining of iron, iron alloys, nickel, copper, copper alloys and magnesium. The result of using this product is faster and easier cutting of hard or soft metals.

The problem: Discoloration and corrosion of metals and machine parts often causes worked metal to be unusable and shortens the life of machine parts. Friction from cutting and other metal working operations breaks down normal lubrications and creates large amounts of heat, which must be dispersed from the metal surfaces. This heat causes sulfured cutting oils to give off fumes and vapors which are foul smelling and cause worker complaints. Foreign materials such as chips of metal, dirt and water combined with high temperatures promote the formation of gum and varnish in the oil leading to deposits which ruin machinery and discolor finished metal surfaces. The action: Bardahl Quick Tap Synthetic Cutting Fluid is composed of a combination of high-grade synthetic and mineral oils, the Bardahl ‘Polar Attraction’ formula and rust and oxidation inhibitors. The oils and additives added are non-staining to most metals* and the rust and oxidation inhibitors will act to prevent corrosion from forming on worked metal surfaces and machinery equipment. It contains no sulfur and thus objectionable sulfur fumes are absent when Synthetic Cutting Fluid is used. Application:1)Threading-tapping. Synthetic Cutting Fluid works wonders in tapping, threading tools stay sharp longer. 2) Drilling. Synthetic Cutting Fluid can be economically spotted at the mark to be drilled. Drills run cooler, last longer. 3) |Sawing.Synthetic Cutting Fluid can be applied along the cutting line, insuring continued lubrication through the entire-cut. Saws stay sharp longer, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

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