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A multifunctional silicone paste, based on a silicone oil and inherit fillers, for use in high temperature applications. It is suitable for long term lubrication because of its high resistance to chemicals (including acid), ozone, oxygen, water, oil and other greases.

Bardahl Silicone Grease can be used as an excellent electrical insulator or filling compound. It is suitable for the lubrication of low speed bearings and sliding mechanisms. It will not effect either rubber or plastic. The operational temperature range is from -50°C to +200°C with peaks of 225°C for short periods. Bardahl Silicone Grease is absolutely non-poisonous and can be used in the food industry. 


  • Outstanding water-repellency: due to its very low surface tension, which also ensures excellent wetting of the surfaces and perfect spreading.
  • Low viscosity/ temperature variation
  • High chemical aging resistance (to oxygen, ozone and heat)
  • Chemically inert towards materials on which the past is applied
  • Excellent dielectric properties, little affected by temperature


  1. Anti-seizing: Treaded parts, slides, guide-bars, cocks
  2. Electrical insulation: Protection of insulators and electrical equipment (housings, connectors, ignition-circuits) against damp (water-repellent effect) and conductive dust (engulfing)
  3. Anti-adherence and mould-release: Plastics, rubbers, foundry

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