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A high quality white lithium grease with E.P. properties. It contains a very fine grinded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and a mixture of mineral and synthetic oil.

Bardahl TF Grease White: Protects against moisture and rust. Water resistant up to 90°C. Reduces friction and wear. Provides lasting lubrication to all moving parts. Sprays as an oil, but sets like grease. The PTFE-type used in this grease is specially developed for use in greases for conditions where conventional additives such as graphite and molybdenum disulphide are unsuitable. The lubricating performance of these additives under various conditions is summarized in the table here below. Bardahl TF Grease will form a soft, continuous film of lubricant and will exclude water from interface boundaries and thus reduce hydrolytic corrosion. Bardahl TF Grease is effective for a much longer period than conventional greases so that lubrication frequency may be reduced substantially. It can also be used for lubrication at low temperatures in corrosive conditions, where cleanliness is demanded and where judder-free movement is required. General applications: Sliding doors, brake and parts mechanisms, steering parts, hinges, linkages, battery terminals, water pumps, bonnet, boot and door locks, seat tracks, antennas, garage door runners etc. All kind of industrial applications: moving machine parts, bearings, compressors, pumps and valves. All types of bearings and applications with working temperature between -25°C and +140°C.

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