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Bardahl Special Blend K21M is a specially developed industrial oil with specific properties and an extra high viscosity. This oil contains Bardahl’s ‘polar attraction’, the formula that ensures that the oil can send very high pressures and therefore ensures less friction and wear of the lubricated parts. Special additives also ensure that the oil does not foam at high speeds and rising temperatures.

Industrial machines are often heavily loaded at high speeds, as a result of which the increasingly hot oil will form foam. This heat and foam reduce the lubricating ability of the oil. This reduction in lubricating power automatically leads to increased friction and therefore wear. A special anti-foam addition prevents foaming and ensures that the oil lubricates well even at high speeds. Bardahl’s polar attraction formula ensures that old deposits are removed and forms a lubricating film, which can tolerate pressures and temperatures, many times higher than that of ordinary oils.

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