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A complete gear oil which contains the Bardahl "Polar attraction" formula, additional anti- wear, anti-seizure compounds, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, and anti-foaming agents, blended in high quality paraffin base oils.

The problem: Modern industrial design has put increased stress on gear lubricants requiring them to reduce friction and wear, act as anti seizure agents, disperse heat, prevent corrosion of metal surfaces, control oil oxidation, and reduce oil foaming. Friction between metal surfaces is a major cause of wear, increased power consumption, and oil degradation (oil oxidation) due to heat. Friction is a particularly severe problem in gears since their sliding action tends to squeeze lubricants away, allowing gear teeth to scrape, unprotected against each other. Gear action also causes oils to foam further, reducing their ability to effectively lubricate. Friction related oil oxidation can lead to varnish formation on gears and shafts that interfere with their function, as well as thickening oil and resulting in higher power consumption. Moisture can condense in gear boxes when equipment is not in operation. This moisture will corrode metal parts in gears without adequate protection. The action: A combination of high viscosity index base oils and anti friction, anti wear additives in Bardahl Industrial Gear Oil reduces friction and wear, even when base oil is squeezed from between gear surfaces. Bardahl’s “Polar Attraction” formula forms a lubricating film which does not squeeze off even under the highest gear loads, preventing scraping, seizure, and welding of gear teeth. Bardahl Industrial Gear Oil contains an oil oxidation inhibitor to help reduce oil thickening and varnish deposits. Friction reducing additives in this Gear Oil further reduce oil oxidation by controlling oil temperatures. Bardahl Industrial Gear Oil contains an organo-polysiloxane which minimizes oil foaming, helping to maintain full lubrication and thus reducing heat friction and wear. Bardahl Industrial Gear Oil contains a rust and corrosion inhibitor which acts in combination with high quality base oils to reduce corrosion of metal surfaces. Base oils act as an effective heat transfer medium keeping gears cool, reducing metal fatigue.

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