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A complete oil for close tolerance precision machinery. It contains Bardahl's "Polar Atraction" formula, a highly refined, light base oil, and an anti-oxidant for extra corrosion protection.

The problem: friction robs all machinery of power and creates heat, wear and metal fatigue. In addition, precision machinery is especially vulnerable to heat expansion and deposits of oxidized metal and oil (varnish, gum and sludge). In air operated valves, tools and control systems, corrosion is a particularly severe problem. The continual presence of air, often very hot, leads to rapid oxidation. The action: Bardahl Precision Oil’s “polar attraction” formula bonds to metal, forming a low-friction molecular film. By reducing friction it lowers heat and cuts wear. Its polar organic compounds and extreme pressure agents seal metal surfaces, helping to protect against corrosion, even under high temperatures and pressures. Bardahl Precision Oil’s anti-oxidant further protects against the corrosive effects of air and heat, while its highly refined base oil is light enough to carry the polar attraction formula and the anti-oxidant into the closest tolerance areas.

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