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All Bardahl hydraulic oils are formulated from oxidation-resistant base oils and contain dopants against corrosion and oxidation. These hydraulic oils contain Bardahl's special formula of polar-organic high-pressure substances, which create an oil film that adheres to the material and cannot be pressed away by high pressures and temperatures.

Hydraulic Oil 46

This oil blended from highly refined , thermally stable, high viscosity index paraffin lube oils and special additives for the prevention of foaming and oxidation. It also contains dopes protecting the system against corrosion and emulsification because of water seeping through or because of water from a high percentage of condensation. For a hydraulic oil a good water-separating power is of vital importance. Bardahl Hydraulic Oil also contains extreme-pressure and anti-wear additives. This oil is suitable for use in hydraulic systems where long life and heavy duty protection is essential. This oil is also recommended for use in circulation, splash bath and ringed oil systems supplying bearings and gears of industrial machinery. This oil is developed particularly to provide extended life for high speed, high pressure avne type pumps. Bardahl Hydraulic Oils are mineral oils for modern hydraulic systems with superior anti-wear protection and heavy duty service performance even in extreme climatic conditions.

Bardahl supplies hydraulic oil in all viscosities: from an H10 to an H100 and in all packaging.

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