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A mineral oil, especially designed to meet the requirements of the most important constructors of compressors. It contains anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-foam additives.

This Compressor oil is distinguished by its de-emulsifying power, a high viscosity index, a low pour point and a long lifetime. Bardahl Compressor Oil S46 is based upon top grade selected solvent-refined base-oils under addition of additives to obtain the following properties: Very good oxidation stability. Very good protection against corrosion. Good anti-wear properties. Effective in preventing from foam. High dispersion power. Applications: Bardahl Compressor Oil S46 is especially designed to satisfy the requirements of the manufacturers of compressors where the highest demands are made concerning high pressure, temperatures or speeds. Bardahl Compressor Oil S46 is a dispersing-type oil intended primarily for oil-flooded rotary sliding-vane and screw-type compressors.

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