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Hydraulic oil HVI10

All Bardahl hydraulic oils are formulated from oxidation-resistant base oils and contain dopants against corrosion and oxidation. These hydraulic oils contain Bardahl's special formula of polar-organic high-pressure substances, which create an oil film that adheres to the material and cannot be pressed away by high pressures and temperatures.

Hydraulic oil 10

The viscosity of a hydraulic oil is generally kept as low as possible to minimize friction loss. The downside of using a thin hydraulic oil is the occurrence of internal leakage losses, which can significantly reduce efficiency. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil should therefore show as little deviations as possible with temperature changes. The improved viscosity index (V.I.) present in the oil ensures that the viscosity deviates as little as possible from the most ideal for the system in question.

Bardahl supplies hydraulic oil in all viscosities: from an H10 to an H100 and in all packaging.



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