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Bardahl Easy Gasket is liquid gasket of very high quality. This gasket maker is easy to work with and replaces all kinds of gaskets.

Bardahl Easy Gasket is a non-conductive and very resistant to extreme temperatures (-50°C to 260°C). This liquid gasket is excellently resistant to extreme weather influences, brake fluids, mineral oils and industrial greases. Adheres very well to rubber, metal, wood, glass, ceramics and many types of plastic and has a low drying time.


  • Automobile industry: Sealing valve cover, crankcase cover, differential housing, gearbox etc.
  • Trailers & Chassis: Seal between light metal and other metal parts.
  • Motorcycles: Sealing the alternator lid..
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  • Ships & related boat vessels:Connections and grooves between glass fiber and metal, connections and grooves between plexiglass and metal, sealing of cabins and windows.
  • Windscreen: Sealing of alloy profiles and rails (drawers, display cases)
  • Trucks: Sealing roof-mounted air conditioning systems, imperials, vent hatches, sockets and other accessories that require a seal.


Clean the surface and make it free of grease. Apply the liquid gasket to the parts to be mounted and then merge both parts. After a short time (30-40min) the final assembly can take place. Do not use this product for cylinder heads and exhaust manifolds. Avoid constant contact with gasoline.

To eliminate grease and clean the surface, use Bardahl Body Sol 

If parts need to be disassembled more often. In this case, it is better to clean one side. On the other hand, put a little oil or grease because this prevents too strong adhesion. First roughen soft surfaces (rubber) with sandpaper and then degrease.

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