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A one component, strong elastic adhesive/sealant, based on MS- Polymer Sealer, that cures quickly under influence of air humidity. This MS-Polymer Sealer has excellent properties.

Bardahl Poly Sealer PS 55 is a strong one component sealant with highly bonding properties. This Bardahl MS Polymer Sealer is aging and weather resistant. Also insensitive to UV light, moisture and temperature differences. The sealant is free of solvents and will therefore not shrink or tear. This adhesive, on an MS Polymer basis, has an extremely strong adhesion and hardens under the influence of humidity. This Bardahl MS kit has the food grade certificate NSF. Registered with NSF under Nonfood Compounds: P1. In concrete terms, this means: safe to use for the food, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, slaughterhouses, etc.

Properties: MS-Polymer Sealer is permanently elastic with a high shore a hardness. These properties result in: Neutral, odourless and fast curing. A higher stiffness of the construction. Vibration reduction. Contains no isocyanates and solvents. Permanent elastic from -40°C till +100°C. Application temperature range +5°C till +35°C. Very good paint compatibility with most industrial paint systems and lacquers, both alkyd resin and dispersion based. Paintable after skin forming (wet on wet); this will not influence the curing speed. Very good UV-resistance and very good aging properties. A good compensation/ leveling of stresses by thermal and physical loads.

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