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Polysealer PS 55 spray

Bardahl Polysealer PS55 Spray (NSF) is a sprayable, elastic adhesive with excellent sealing properties. Adheres thanks SMP base to various materials. Bardahl Polysealer Ps55 Spray allows to apply seam and joint sealings with different surface structures as well as perform efficiently large area bondings. Also insensitive to UV light, moisture and temperature differences.

Product advantages

⎯ Sprayable
⎯ Long processing ti
⎯ Free of solvents, isocyanates and silicones
⎯ Very wide adhesion range
⎯ Odourless
⎯ Compatible with paints
⎯ Shortly resistant up to +200°C for powder and thermal coating Adjustable
⎯ Gap and crack bridging
⎯ Permanently elastic
⎯ Very good sealing properties
⎯ Non-corrosive on surfaces
⎯ Impact and vibration resistant (shock absorbing)
Due to its unique composition, Bardahl Polysealer PS55 Spray can be used in most industries, boat and yacht building, bodywork, automotive, food industry, pharmacy, hospitals, slaughterhouses etc. After curing obtained with a permanent bonding / connection of the most diverse materials with air pressure sealant gun. Ref 00073

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