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This particulate filter cleaner cleans flooded particulate filters. Prevents premature replacement of the filter, and extends life of the diesel particulate filter to 100%.

To reduce emissions and comply with international environmental standards , the Diesel Particulate Filter ( DPF ) has been developed to remove soot from the exhaust gas of diesel. Soot is caused by the incomplete combustion of the fuel. The problem is that the ash and dirt accumulate in the filter, and eventually clog the pores so that the efficiency is reduced. The ” blockage ” will eventually lead to a significant increase in NOx emissions and fuel consumption . Regular maintenance of the particulate filter is necessary. Instead of buying a new diesel particulate filter, Bardahl has developed the Professional particulate filter cleaning kit. Through this DPF kit, the particulate filter is professionally cleaned without disassembly. Bardahl DPF Professional cleaning kit is developed for each type of engine equipped with a particulate filter. This particulate filter cleaner kit consists of three steps. First, the particulate filter should be cleaned by using the product FAP1. The product is added via the supplied vial that is connected to the supply line of the differential pressure sensor. Then the system must be rinsed with product FAP 2 through the same pipe. Finally, add the FAP3 additive to the fuel.

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