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BIO Grease 00

Bardahl BIO Grease 00

Bardahl BIO Grease 00 is a lithium-based grease, formulated with a high-quality biodegradable synthetic base. The additives are free from heavy metals and other components that could harm the environment. Engineered for superior performance, this product ensures optimal lubrication while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Its advanced formulation offers a unique blend of durability, protection, and biodegradability, making it an ideal choice for heavy machinery and industrial applications where environmental sensitivity is paramount.

– Excellent biodegradability, minimizing environmental impact.
– Outstanding resistance to corrosion and oxidation, ensuring long-term protection.
– Exceptional adhesion and lubrication properties, enhancing operational efficiency.
– Significantly reduces friction, thereby minimizing wear on lubricated surfaces.
– Offers high protection against both hot and cold water, ensuring versatile application.
– High Extreme Pressure (EP) capacity, suitable for demanding conditions.

Bardahl BIO Grease 00 is specifically developed for the lubrication of heavy equipment and agricultural machinery. It is ideal for industrial uses and heavy transport, particularly in centralized lubrication systems. This grease is recommended for equipment used in areas where there is potential risk of contamination to groundwater, natural reserves, and recreational areas, ensuring environmental safety and compliance.

Analytical Data:
– Classification: BIO Grease 00
– NLGI Grade: 00
– Color: Green
– Base Oil Type: Synthetic Ester
– Soap Type: Lithium
– Penetration (ASTM D217): 400 – 460
– Dropping Point, °C: >160

Performance Tests:
– Welding Load (ASTM D2596): >315 kg
– Wear Scar Diameter 1h/40kg (ASTM D2266): <0.75 mm
– Water Resistance (DIN 51807): Grade 1 at 90°C
– Operating Temperature Range: -35°C to +120°C

Instructions for Use:
Ensure the application surface is clean and dry before applying Bardahl BIO Grease 00. Apply directly to the surface requiring lubrication. For best results, follow machinery manufacturer’s guidelines on lubrication amounts and intervals. Regularly check and maintain the lubrication levels to ensure optimal performance and protection.

Available in 18 kg, 50 kg, and 185 kg packages, Bardahl BIO Grease 00 provides a scalable solution for diverse industrial requirements, ensuring high-performance lubrication while supporting environmental sustainability efforts.

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